Sunday, October 17, 2010


It's a quiet Sunday. Decided to stay home from church this morning and lie low. I have been taking it easy, drinking lots of water.  Have to admit it tastes a bit different to me, but not terrible; I can still drink it because it's good for me.Last night not so cool. Suffice it to say fiber will become a major part of my diet!! Took a walk around the field with Paul and the dogs this morning. Now it's cool and cloudy out and I am tempted to get huddling under a blanket. Still waiting for this "nadir" business to hit me. I guess that's when your count gets the lowest and the fatigue hits. . Some people have sent me some Bible verses and I want to encourage everyone who has good ones to send them to me. It's positive and uplifting for me. Don't be afraid to leave me your comments; I love reading them.

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