Wednesday, October 6, 2010

it was a long day

12pm saw surgeon. she is jane kercher and i liked her very much. very positive attitude, and a christian. we learned i have an aggressive tumor that is treatable with a new chemo drug called herceptin. i will probably be doing my first chemo tx next week toward the end of the week. they plan on doing chemo and follow that with surgery/radiation later. so a pretty aggressive course of tx in store for me. but that's what i wanted.
had another ultra sound of rt breast and will get biopsied tomorrow because of a little spot that showed up on the MRI. they are not worried, but want to double check it.
4pm went to see oncologist, sami diab- another positive person. he has ordered mri of brain, pet scan, and echo cardiogram. wants to make sure there is no spread of anything.
we feel good about our docs and the treatment plan. pray for good results for tomorrow's tests.l
side note. paul was looking up something about herceptin, and it said you can't have caffeine. no drinking, no recreational drugs.


  1. p.s. i think you should make pam quit coffee for support ;)

  2. asked about that at the oncologists office today and they thought it was bogus info