Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Nadir

Nadir means low point. I think I might be there. Feeling a bit more fatigued and achy. So far I've been able to eat just fine, but my appetite is not its usual ravenous self. My personal shopper Judy took a list for me to the grocery store and delivered it when she was done. That was really nice. I got a very short haircut yesterday. It won't be lasting long but at least I got to see what I look like with short hair. Paul really loves the look. I have only had short hair one other time before this. My daughter Kayla thinks I should have some henna tattoos put on my head, but it's really not my style.


  1. Pam says your hair looks super cute! I pray for you every morning on the way to work :)

  2. I check up on you everyday Barb! My thoughts and prayers are with you always. You are a strong and amazing woman and I admire you. God's blessings to you.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers guys. Sometimes I get to feeling kind of lonely and it helps to know people are still praying for me.