Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Again, it's been awhile since i have updated the blog. Life happens! Anyway, I had surgery on Feb. 24. For the sake of being symmetrical and less worry down the road, I had a double mastectomy. Foolishly, I thought I would be very much healed up after two weeks post op. Wrong. Remember, this was my very first experience with surgery, and actually being cut on. It's now April 6 and I am still in the healing from my surgery mode, but things get better every week. If I so choose, I can have reconstruction surgery towards fall, but I will have wanted to forgotten all about this last surgery before I undertake another one. For now, being flat chested is just fine, and my shirts now fit without gaping at the chest if there are buttons. Paul is fine with whatever decision I make in the end. I know my surgeon would like to see me go all the way through the process, but she is not me. So, right now, I am in Denver and staying with Kayla Mondays-Fridays so that I can get radiation therapy, 30 treatments in all. My last one will be May 3. Paul plans to spend the last week of it with me and do some fun things up here. This past Monday was the start of my 3rd week. Had a visit with the radiology oncologist yesterday and everything looks normal. She asked me if my skin was turning pink and I said No, but she said it was a little pink, that she knew what to look for. At any rate, it is not uncomfortable yet, and I have not felt any fatigue. That may still be to come, but those side effects are minor to me compared to doing chemotherapy. It's been an experience for this country girl to be flying around on the freeways up here, not my favorite thing to do, but so far have survived. After all, I am a survivor.