Thursday, September 30, 2010


no one seems to have the sense of urgency that i feel to get going with treatment. have to jump thru the hoops first. i have heard the average time to get going is about 3-4 weeks. seems like a long time to wait to someone who wanted to start yesterday. a day is as a thousand years, a thousand years a day!


Just made a stunning discovery...the dogs don't really care about cancer. They just want their supper.


There are still so many unknowns, and that could be the worst thing about it. Once a treatment plan is underway, and I know what is happening, it will be a little easier. I want to go to the drs I want to go to, but may not have a choice. That is an upsetting thought!

Doctors and Insurance

Trying to get an appt with a medical oncologist so my dr visits will sort of be coordinated up in Denver. Can I have it with the one I want. Oh? Not in the network of my insurance company? Now what to do??

Just Begun

I was diagnosed for sure, with breast cancer, this last week. It was a time of huge paralzing fear at first. However, many people came around me and told me it shouldn't be considered a death sentence, that the road ahead will be hard, but I can do it. Having all the positive comments are so helpful to the attitude. I had been having trouble sleeping, and functioning, so I asked my doc for some sleeping meds and also anti-anxiety meds, now we are back at a functioning level. Don't know exactly what's in store for me, but I know there are lots of people who will walk along side me. My friends have been so awesome that I can't even describe it or thank them enough. The next steps for me are MRIs in Denver the evening of Oct 5, and then meet with a surgeon the next day. An oncologist will be seeing me sometime soon as well. I am ready to get this thing completely off, the sooner the better. You can't help but think to's in there growing and I want it out yesterday!! Thank you all for your prayers; we couldn't make it without you. God has me/us in his hands and control.