Monday, October 4, 2010


Somehow the appts all meshed up for me... I have an appt for MRI tomorrow night, an appt with the surgeon Wed at noon, and one with an oncologist Wed 4pm. It's what I have been looking forward to, the sooner the better, but yet afraid of what will come of it. Another thing I did was order a scarf, and a special baseball hat for bald people!


  1. I am glad everything is falling into place. Hats... now that is another thing, I remember someone setting on the floor in a department store in tears over a hat. :)

  2. We trust the MRI went alright and that you can sleep well tonight. Love you!

  3. in about 3 weeks i will not have one hair on my body. hats will become a very important fashion accessory. this will go on for about 9 months give or take.