Friday, October 22, 2010

the day of the dogs

I have had a couple of pretty tired days preceding today,  but today am feeling more energetic. Last night my two dogs got into some raisins (toxic for dogs) and I had to make an early morning vet visit. Long story short, they are going to be fine, but I sat in the vet's office and WEPT and WEPT. Felt kind of good actually. Then I called my friend Judy to come have a cuppa tea with me. She came bearing gifts, one of which was some eyebrow pencil I can use when I lose my hair.  That was nice. The other nice thing was that Wendy Hall (Doug's fiance) stopped in on her way thru to Durango. I just busted Sam with some muffins that Winema made for me, that I had served to Wendy and Judy. He had just carried them into the living room for closer inspection. They were still in the bag. There is absolutely nothing safe from that dog anymore. He's hungry because he didn't get breakfast and now has to wait until tonight to eat.

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