Thursday, October 7, 2010

another long day

the day started at 6am at swedish memorial with an mri of my brain, then a PET scan which is a whole body scan, then an echo cardiogram (baseline test for my oncologist so he can keep tabs on it during the chemo). at noon i had another biopsy but this time on my right breast because the radiologist was pretty sure there was a little density that was okay but wanted to be sure. 3pm had appt at oncology office to go over the chemo. boy does that sound like a bunch of fun. in 3 weeks i will be  hairless. not one hair. my chemo treatments will go on for 4 1/2 mos and then be cut to just one chemical which will go on for a year but not many side affects. while we were at the oncologist the pet scan report came back and it was clear. that was really great news. still have to get the brain mri back but we feel pretty good right now. tomorrow at 10 i am going to aurora med center to have a chemo port put in. it will be under the skin on my chest. my veins collapse real easily so they decided this would be easier on me and them. my first chemo tx is next thurs. we are glad things are getting going quickly. after the chemo tx are all done i will have a mastectomy, and radiation. and further down the line some reconstruction. we got lots of info today and  i was sure glad paul was there with me because i can't remember a word anyone said to me. why chemo first? oncologist said breast cancer isn't what kills, its when it spreads. the chemo i get will keep that from happening. my tumor is a sort of aggressive type, but the meds they have planned for me are very effective. thanks all for your prayers, sorry if i have not talked to each of you personally, but this has been a very exhausting process. just know that i love you all and covet your prayers.

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  1. Glad you have a plan in place. That always makes it better. Stay strong (we'll help!)
    and God Bless!