Saturday, November 27, 2010

third chemo done

I had my third chemo yesterday and it all went okay with a few little delays here and there. it just took a very long time because the alamosa lab sent the wrong report and they had to be called to send the right one. i was at the hosp early at 7 and didn't walk out till after 4. all the nurses have been great. neulasta shot today at about 4 and then onward to home. this is now the halfway point thru chemo tx. maybe i shouldn't say halfway till i am done with the nadir this coming week. looking at mastectomy surgery being done sometime around the first week of march if all the chemos get done on schedule, and that all depends on having good lab works come back. so far so good. home again, home again this afternoon. bob and carol are bringing lunch tomorrow after church and i am looking forward to the visit and the food. we had a great thanksgiving with doug and wendy, at kevin and danielle's house. she cooked her very first turkey and it turned out beautifully. kayla and paul and i made a stuffed pumpkin to bring along. she got the recipe off of the npr website and that turned out so well too. after we were done with dinner we ran up to see rick and caryl in loveland and had pumpkin cheesecake and pecan pie. pretty sure i didn't lose any weight this week! hope you all had a nice thanksgiving and thanks once again for your thoughts and prayers!

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  1. Barb,

    I'm still following your progress, and Robin as well. It looks like you are doing well. Stay the course and you will be ok.